10 - 12 DECEMBER, 2019, DUBLIN


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Event Schedules

Saturday, 10 December 2019

1Presentation of the Lao Uplands forum & of the schedule of the pre-conference on soil carbon 18:00 - 18:10French Institute at Vientiane
2Video: "let's talk about soil"18:10 - 18:15French Institute at Vientiane
3Sustainable land management (SLM) and soil carbon monitoring in Laos maize-prone areas 18:15 - 18:30French Institute at Vientiane
4SLM technologies and approaches: experience from the WOCAT initiative in Laos 18:30 - 18:45French Institute at Vientiane
5Video: "Grass strips against soil erosion" (CIAT, Vietnam)18:45 - 19:00French Institute at Vientiane
6MAF-DALaM mandate and strategy regarding agricultural land management in Laos 19:00 - 19:15French Institute at Vientiane
7Debate with the audience19:15 - 20:00French Institute at Vientiane
8Drink offered in the garden of the French Institute to continue the discussion20:00 ...French Institute at Vientiane
1Soil Carbon is What We Need! EFICAS , CIRAD , DALaM 23 NOVEMBER 2017Vientiane
2Sustainable Farming and AgroecologyALiSEA , GRET 9 DECEMBER 2017Luang Prabang
3Bringing Agroecology to the MarketALiSEA , CIRAD , GRET 9 FEBRUARY 2018Vientiane
4Exploring Pathways towards ResilienceNAFRI , CDE , CIRAD , TABI , DALaM 23 FEBRUARY 2018Vientiane
5Green Extension: learning processes for sustainable agricultureDTEAP , LURAS , FAO , MAF 27 FEBRUARY to 1st MARCH 2018Xieng Khuang
6Lao Uplands: Landscape of OpportunitiesDoPLA , DTEAP , EU , EFICAS , AFD , ALiSEA , NIER , NAFRI , LURAS , CDE , CIRAD , TABI , GRET , DALaM , MAF 12-14 MARCH 2018Luang Prabang
7Alternative Futures in the Lao UplandsDoPLA , NIER , NAFRI , CDE , TABI , MAF 2 MAY 2018Vientiane
8Sector Working Group Meeting on Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentAFD , FAO , MAF 18 JUNE 2018Vientiane

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Docklands Convention Centre
58 Wurundjeri Way
Dablin, 3000


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