The Lao Uplands Conference

5-7 March 2018, Luang Prabang

The conference will be organized around the ‘hot topics’ that will have emerged during the preparatory meetings. Each session will be introduced by the presentation of a position paper based on the result of literature reviews and meetings held previously on the same topic. It will be followed by short presentations of experiences/evidences illustrated each by a selected participant poster. Then the presenters will take part in a discussion panel with a discussant who will take questions from the audience.

The discussions and debates of each session will contribute to a final version of the learning briefs. Key messages will be synthesized and discussed with participants during the last day of the conference. All topics will also be discussed all along the period of the Lao Uplands Initiative using social media (Facebook).

A knowledge fair will take place during the conference to present the experiences of different projects, with booths, videos, posters, and hands-on workshops. Field trips will also be organized around Luang Prabang to present different development initiatives. An award for best poster, video and booth will be delivered at the end of the conference.