The Lao Uplands Conference

12-14 March 2018, Luang Prabang

The conference has been organized around the ‘hot topics’ that have emerged during the preparatory meetings. Each session was introduced by the presentation of a position paper based on the result of literature reviews and meetings held previously on the same topic. It was followed by short presentations of experiences/evidences illustrated each by the experience of multiple projects and institutions. Then the presenters took part in discussion panels with a discussant who took questions from the audience using the SLI.DO App.

The discussions and debates of each session will contribute to a final version of the learning briefs. Key messages have been synthesized and discussed with participants during the wrap-up meeting of the Conference. All topics will be further discussed all along the period of the Lao Uplands Initiative using social media (Facebook).

A knowledge fair took place during the conference to present the experiences of different projects, with booths, videos, posters, and hands-on workshops. Field trips have been organized around Luang Prabang to present different development initiatives.