challenges & opportunities

Drivers of food security
in the northern uplands
of Lao PDR

Chitpasong Kousonsavath

Pest rodents and food security
in the northern uplands
of Lao PDR

Chitpasong Kousonsavath

Understanding nutrition in northern uplands of Lao PDR : Joint actions against malnutrition

Smallholder land used impact on women employment for coffee cultivation in Laos
Maliphone Douangphachanh

What are the trade-offs between farmers’ goals? A prospective analysis in Kham district.
Juliette Lairez

From banana boom to banana bust in Luang Namtha Province:
What now?

Cecilie Friis

of upland agriculture:
Development or degradation?

Thilde Bech Bruun

Maize and feeder roads impacts on livelihoods and landscapes in Huaphan province
Sonnasack Phaipasith

Soil capability
and land suitability
in northern Laos

Paulo Santos

Functional Indicator of Soil Ecosystem: SMART tools to assess soil biological functioning
Alain Brauman

Land use, fluxes of water and sediment, and spread of bacterial contaminants in Lao PDR
Laurie Boithias

Pigeonpea stem and sticklac resin growth relationships in a sloping land improved fallow system
Kamla Phanthaboun

Validated rice cultivars for rice-based systems of the northern mountainous region, Lao PDR
Khamdok Songyikhangsuthor


towards agroecology

Managing increasing weather uncertainty and promoting climate resilience

Village forest management agreements as a performance-based payments scheme under REDD+ in Lao PDR
Sebastian Koch

What is the value
of my teak trees?

A. Nahuel Pachas

Broom grass in Luang Prabang Province: Germplasm collection and market chain analysis
A. Nahuel Pachas

Agroforestry as a pathway to enhance smallholder livelihoods in the upland regions
A. Nahuel Pachas

Nelder wheel experiment, a tool to evaluate impacts of initial planting density of teak
A. Nahuel Pachas

The evolution of certified teak grower groups in Lao PDR:
An action research approach

Stuart Ling

Teak plantation smallholders:
What influences compliance with plantation regulations?

Stuart Ling

Connecting Mobile4D and Lao DECIDE: Mobile reporting, information integration, and decision making in the Lao PDR
Christian Freska

What key features must have mountainous rain-fed cropping systems to be climate-smart in northern Laos?
Esther Lechevallier

highly resistant and resilient
agroecosystems through
cardamom production

Vincent Couderc

Leveraging conservation outcomes for NEPL NPA through a climate smart, wildlife friendly local coffee production
Sivilay Duangdala

for sustainable development

Assessing the Evidence on Food Security Interventions in the North of Lao PDR
Anke Leroux

Small Agriculture Rural Infrastructure (SARI)


Small Agriculture Rural Infrastructure (SARI)


Strategy of agricultural land management and development by year 2025 [Eng]

Strategy of agricultural land management and development by year 2025 [Lao]

“To bean or not to bean”:
How to increase legume crops cultivation in Laos?

Pascal Lienhard

Learning loops in agriculture:
The case of improved pastures in Xieng Khouang Province

Pascal Lienhard

Maize trajectories in Houaphan province. Impacts of changes in Vietnamese agrifood industries
Rob Cole

Area Physical Framework [Eng]
GIZ land program

Area Physical Framework [Lao]
GIZ land program