Preparatory meetings

A series of preparatory meetings were organized between November 2017 and May 2018 to discuss the main development challenges and opportunities for the Lao Uplands. Each meeting, including the Lao Uplands Conference, was convened by a different group of projects and institutions that used its own meeting format. The main outputs of the meetings have been captured into short learning briefs.

Soil carbon is what we need!

23 November 2017, Vientiane

At the occasion of the World Soil Day of the United Nations, the Department of Agricultural Land Management (DALaM – MAF) organized a round table to talk about soils and soil conservation initiatives, and explore different options and pathways towards more sustainable soil management in the Uplands.

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We are what we eat

9 December 2017, Luang Prabang

Side event at the Luang Prabang film festival – Promoting Sustainable Farming and Agroecology. Across the Mekong Region, thousands of innovative farmers have already engaged themselves in an agroecological transition, moving away from conventional and chemical based farming practices.

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Bringing agroecology to the market

9 February 2018, Vientiane

A very popular term throughout the world, agroecology designates at the same time a scientific discipline, a set of agricultural practices, and a political/social movement (Wezel et al, 2009). The rallying point of these approaches is the need to improve the sustainability of agriculture, by focusing on various dimensions

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Exploring pathways towards resilience

23 February 2018, Vientiane

Vulnerability generally refers to the degree to which a system is unable to cope with, or adapt to, negative effects of external shocks. Most attempts to characterize vulnerability build on three main dimensions: (i) exposure to hazards, (ii) sensitivity, and (iii) response capacities.

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Learning for sustainable agriculture

27 February to 1 March 2018, Xiengkhuang

The Government has emphasised the importance of green development in the 8th National Economic and Social Development Plan. At the sectoral level, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is committed to “developing clean, safe

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Alternative futures in the Lao Uplands

2 May 2018, Vientiane

The necessity of seeking a more sustainable future for the Lao uplands is clear and central to the government’s national development priorities. The sustainable development of Laos’ uplands hangs in the balance, caught between two competing and, often mutually-exclusive, visions.

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